Group coaching brings together a group of peers to discuss and solve workplace challenges. Ideally, your group will be no larger than 10 people, and no smaller than 3. Over time, this group becomes your kitchen cabinet for creating strategies and opportunities to grow.

There’s power in group coaching, and here’s why…

  1. Perspective — When you bring a problem or challenge to a group that’s outside your typical working environment, you’ll benefit from a fresh perspective. People can ask questions you haven’t considered or share relevant experiences that they’ve seen in similar situations. It provides you a chance to get out of your silo and think with a broader perspective.
  2. Accountability — Group coaching brings a unique level of accountability to your business journey. A core part of group coaching is ensuring each person leaves each session with “homework” to tackle before the next session. You become not only accountable to yourself and the coach facilitating the sessions but to your peers who have helped you craft a path forward.
  3. Networks — One of the greatest benefits of group coaching is the expansion of your business network. People you can call when you need an accountant, an attorney, a lawyer, or just someone to call to ask for advice. Business networks are powerful as you not only grow within your own organization but look for opportunities to expand.
  4. Safety — When I talk with a friend, or a small group of friends, about a business challenge, we invoke the “cone of silence”. Under this, we can have a candid conversation and explore potential solutions without worrying that a problem will be shared. Group coaching provides this same “cone of silence”. Tough problems rarely have simple solutions and may take multiple steps. Group coaching provides the safety to explore challenges, share what didn’t go well, and provide support for moving forward.
  5. Growth — Sometimes we need a push to take our next step. Sometimes others see our potential before we do. Sometimes a group of peers become cheerleaders and counselors to help us move into that next challenge. Group coaching provides a consistent platform for growth. You join this group, with others, who are planning for their future and want to challenge themself to be more.

As the New Year kicks off, think about how you are planning for your own growth and achievement this year. If joining a coaching cohort makes sense for you, you can find an upcoming one for Women on the Rise here. Happy New Year!

Nicole Horn
Founder and Managing Partner
ThirdEdge Performance Solutions